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Yo, Yo, I got some books that are really useful for elevating your art skills.

  1. https://naokisaito.booth.pm/items/3936324
  2. https://booth.pm/en/items/3802568
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Filmmakers-Eye-Learning-Cinematic-Composition/dp/0240812174/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+filmmakers+eye&qid=1657819377&sprefix=the+film%2Caps%2C99&sr=8-1&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.05107ab3-5190-4335-82f9-b94a77e0e924
  4. https://yoshidaseiji.booth.pm/items/3021571

So for 1, Fastest Way to improve illustration, I just finished the book and good lord was it amazing. The skills that this book showcases will show how to achieve any art style and/or skill level you could ever want. This book gives you an amazing method to get better at anything you want to do, drawing or not.

A great read for anyone really, beginner, intermediate, or professional. I would recommend this book.

(note: I also really like the way the author talks in the book, but that's me personally.)

Price: 2200 JPY (15.84 USD)

NOW FOR 2, "DRAWING PRACTICE BOOK" or 絵の練習帳お試し版! It's pretty good. To be honest this is one of the books that really got me into looking up tons of Japanese drawing books. This book does actually have an English translation for each page of text, so don't worry. (I bought the book twice to confirm, it's a long story. it also has a kindle version) This book gives a lot of helpful advice for drawing as an animator and developing techniques for the express purpose of quick and correct drawings. Hide, the author has many techniques to try them out and find out what sticks with you.

Price: 250 JPY (1.80 USD)

3...The Filmmaker's Eye. This is an absolute must-read for anyone who does any type of visual arts. This book goes into extensive detail about the many shots showcased in Films as well as the rules to them and on top of that... How to utterly break these rules to give an outstandingly impactful shot. Throwing your audience on their head and keeping them engaged with your piece. This book is definitely worth having in your bag of tricks.

Price: 39.95 USD ( Like 25 USD if used)

And now for 4, TIPS!(DL版)by Yoshida Seiji. So this book is amazing for Drawing backgrounds. Very clear diagrams with in-depth knowledge of constructing backgrounds, from perspectives to rendering, to analyzing, etc. For anyone who feels weak in making backgrounds, I would recommend this book 100 times. Now, there is a reason why I have been focusing on the amazing diagrams on display within this book. It's because it is all in Japanese, and I can not speak nor read Japanese. That being said, the things I have gleaned from this book have been extremely helpful, and undoubtedly worth the effort of acquisition. A VERY good book.

Price: 1500 JPY (10.80 USD)

Thank you for reading this, I hope this helps a lot in your artistic pursuits. Best of luck, from me to you.

P.S. Also if you want to feel these guys out before you get the books, (or not in a money-spending mood)

All , except for ...The Filmmakers Eye has youtube channels: Yoshida Seiji, Naoki Saito illust Channel, hide channel【顔と体の描き方講座】


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